Best-dressed American Girl?

Which American Girl doll has the most enviable wardrobe?

Here's how I rank the core five:

5. Kirsten: Who let you out of the house in an apron?! Everything about Kirsten was a huge bummer, as was her dreadful fashion. Even the holiday wreath crown was giving too much. One can be too much extra.

4. Felicity: I'll never forget that she had a hard, plastic insert with her dress that kind of seemed like the thing you put in your teeth for dental x-rays. Also, she had fabulous red hair, but covered it with a bonnet that looked like a pot holder.

3. Addy: Addy showed Kirsten and Felicity how bonnets SHOULD be styled. Seriously, I could see Carrie Bradshaw in that straw bonnet and big bow TODAY. She's only downgrade for her school uniform, which I wouldn't wish on Rory Gilmore.

2. Samantha: I feel like it's controversial to make Samantha number two, but that's primarily because she's way too rich to be in that muted checkered mess in the first book. (And she could also use a little less sleeve.) But her winter coat and muff... chef's kiss. So chic.

1. Molly: I have done a total 180 on Molly since I was a kid. I couldn't get on board with the glasses initially, but her outfit is straight out of Emily in Paris 2022. And while her camp outfit should be set on fire immediately, the stars and stripes outfit was a SHOW. STOPPER.