National Treasure is far more sexist than I remember

Sat down for a viewing of National Treasure for the first time since, oh, 2004. And, oh boy, was it FAR more sexist that I remember.

First of all, it doesn't even come close to passing the Bechdel test. There are only two scenes in which Diane Kruger talks to another woman, and, yep, their convos are about a man.

Secondly, there are MULTIPLE scenes in which Diane Kruger is literally told to “shut up already” so Nicolas Cage can talk like a lunatic, despite the fact that her character is a known expert of historic documents and facts. And, she's not even loud or obnoxious as a character trait! She's just German!

And then (unrelated to sexism but related to reality) there's just the insanity of Nicolas Cage having a chance with Diane Kruger, especially when Justin Bartha is right there. I mean, her character should choose neither of these idiots, but if you had to make a choice… I wouldn't accept the unprovoked and unconsented kiss from a man who nearly bankrupted himself so he could buy cobras and haunted mansions.

I'm just shocked that a Disney film from the mid-2000s could feel so dated, especially when The Mummy did the whole thing better, and more progressively, five years earlier.