What instrument did you used to play in elementary/middle/high school?

Last night's Abbott Elementary had a cold open featuring the students playing recorders and oh my god, remember recorders? Why is that the go-to instrument for music classes to play? I assume they are inexpensive but I sincerely don't envy the music teachers listening to the worst rendition of Three Blind Mice imaginable for years on end.

I actually played the cello in elementary school and I wasn't half bad at it but I really hated carrying that thing around and kids are mean and trying to be inconspicuous/left alone while carrying a cello around is impossible at that age. I regret quitting it now, to be totally honest, but there's no way I could pick it back up at the age of [REDACTED].

What about you? Did you play an instrument back in the day, and if so, what was it? Can you still play it today?