First R-rated movie you saw as a youth

I grew up in a pretty lax household when it came to entertainment. We were allowed to watch The Simpsons and MTV, things I came to found out were forbidden in other kids houses. (The one show banned for us was Married...with Children, which I took no issue with.)

However, the first R-rated movie I watched was, as tradition goes, at a sleepover at a friends. The movie was Terminator 2 and I knew I probably shouldn't be watching it without permission/supervision (it was SO violent and I was...8?) and the nuclear apocalypse scene terrified me to my very core and it. was. AWESOME.

That movie still holds up and whenever I watch it as an adult I'm immediately transported back to that sleepover and how cool/grown-up it felt to watch an R-rated movie.

So, what about you? What was the first R movie you watched? Did you sneak into see it at a movie theater? Watch it through your fingers with your parents? Share in the comments!