Face It: Schmidt Was Right About The Driving Moccasins

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Face It: Schmidt Was Right About The Driving Moccasins

It's been a decade since Schmidt was forced to put money in the Douchebag Jar for asking the loft about his driving moccasins, and that means it's time to finally accept the truth. Schmidt was right about driving moccasins, and, TBH, we should all have a pair.

Schmidt casually mentioned his driving moccasins in Season 1, Episode 10, and the automobile accessories were just one in a montage of obnoxious things Schmidt said at the end of the episode. But unlike the others — "Jess, have you seen my other timepiece?" and "Guys, has anyone seen my good peacoat?" — the driving moccasins are actually a reasonable thing to own. Sure, calling them "driving moccasins" is a bit much, but you better think twice before questioning the value of a comfy driving shoe.

Driving is hard! Driving in high heels and flip flops is even harder. It's also a safety hazard. What if your sandal flops right in between the pedals during a complex left turn? Or your stiletto gets caught on the floor mat right as you need to move your foot off the gas and onto the break? Not to sound too much like the weird driving instructor you definitely had in high school, but cars are giant killing machines. And maybe the fate of you and anybody else on the road shouldn't be determined by your Havaianas. Just a thought.

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Really, when you think about it, everybody should have a pair of driving moccasins. This is not just an accessory for douchebags and people with "timepieces." At the very least, everyone should have some secure shoes that you can easily slip in and out of when you need to drive. Trust me. My senior year of high school, I drove me and my friends to prom in my parents' minivan, and in the absence of driving moccasins, I wore some Old Navy flip flops to get us there. We made it there safely, but maneuvering flip flops around a floor-length gown is something I do not wish to repeat. Be smarter than me. Be a Schmidt. Get driving moccasins.

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