Anna's friend Maria from Bling Empire

Anna Shay is a fascinating person to me. I don't fully understand why she's on the show, why she's hanging out with all these young people, or why she whispers, and or/why she films a TV show but seemingly hates being on camera. All I know about her is that she's rich, and I think that's maybe the answer to all of my questions.

I am also fascinated by Anna's friend, Maria. Her full name is Maria Jose Lainez, and she seems to be Anna's truest BFF. Like, that woman is ALWAYS at her house. Like an anxiety dog, but human, perhaps? IDK...

I decided though that I wanted to learn more about Maria! Here's what I found:

- Her and Anna do everything together? At least it seems like that. Dare you to poke around Maria's IG and find more than 5 photos without Anna.

- She has at least one daughter! Which can be seen here... with Anna:

- Her and Anna jetset together! But of course they do, because they're always together: and here

With all this said, I hope when I'm Anna's age, my BFF has just moved into my home and we just Lucy and Ethel our way into the sunset! Seems ideal!