Should Any Movie Be Over 90 Minutes?

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Should Any Movie Be Over 90 Minutes?

Office Space. Run Lola Run. Fargo. All excellent films that, despite being just a little over an hour and a half, managed to capture audiences over generations. Avengers: Endgame. The Wolf Of Wall Street. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. All excellent films that that captured audiences, but boasted a three-hour runtime that could not leave audiences wanting more without a serious break for stretching. Yet, as we've moved further out from the '90s — the golden era for the 90-minute movie — we've moved our movie runtimes out further, too. Even Judd Apatow forced the comedy out of the 90-minute zone in the early 2000s, forcing you to map out 2.5 hours for the luxury of watching derpy men score hot blondes.

I ask: is this, as a society, where we want to be in the year of our lord 2021? This is just one of the topics my co-host Allison Piwowarski and I discuss in our latest episode of Pop Chaser, which drops this morning. But there's more: We also go into detail about the request for Erika Girardi's financial records, A League of Their Own casting decision anyone can get behind, and and update about a key cast member on Saturday Night Live.

So, put aside just 30 minutes (just 30 minutes!) to enjoy our latest episode, which you can listen to below, or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts! And don't forget to take a look at The Dipp's other weekly podcast, TV. Watch. Repeat., in which Allison and I delve into the histories of some of your favorite TV shows.


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