FRESH on Hulu is... WILD?!

I am a little late to FRESH, which came out at the end of January, but saw it this weekend on Hulu and W H A T I N T H E W O R L D. I did NOT see it going the way of [spoiler] but I honestly didn't hate it? I usually think that type of plot line is tough to watch (I passed out in High School watching Soylent Green, lol), but this was done in a really funny way, and it wasn't gory.


I thought Sebastian Stan was a great villain. His humor broke a lot of the more shocking moments when it came to running a human meat farm, and I'll be honest, I could watch the man dance for hours! And Daisy Edgar Jones was really just such a good protagonist. But the star of the show? Jonica T Gibbs, as Mollie. She made me laugh so much and is such a good example of the Friend Who Doesn't Trust Anyone, Even The Guy You Really Like. I getchu, Mollie. I see you.

I went back to the beginning of the movie after watching it and there are a TON of foreshadowing moments. A little heavy handed knowing the direction it was going to go (in the grocery store, Noa is literally standing under a sign that says FRESH MEAT haha) but look, I was a Creative Writing major, so who am I to poo-poo someone's creative vision!

Anyone else see it? What were your thoughts?