"Barbie Girl" won't be in the Barbie movie

Whether she likes it or not, Barbie will probably always be tied to the bizarre 1997 pop hit "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Sorry, but not on director Greta Gerwig's watch! It was reported that the tune won't be featured in her upcoming Barbie flick (https://www.avclub.com/aqua-barbie-girl-greta-gerwig-barbie-1848861096), which is starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and, let's face it, is going to be amazing.

At first I thought, well wait, of course they have to feature that silly, stupid song and then I re-read the lyrics and was like, no, no, they made the right choice.

Case in point: "I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees/Come jump in, bimbo friend, let us do it again."

Yeah, uh, Greta & co. made the right call.