You could not pay me enough to see this movie

Father Stu is in theaters today and I say this with the utmost honesty, you could not pay me enough to see it. No amount would cut it.

Anything that is described as a "passion project" for Mel Gibson AND Mark Wahlberg should set off every alarm bell that this is some serious religious propaganda from two men who DEFINITELY have let us know who they are. Just the idea of both of these guys creating a movie where they can play martyrs, which you know they think they are IRL, despite you know, being a fun little mixed bag of anti-Semitic, abusive, violent, sexist, etc.

Every time I see the trailers on TV I cringe and wonder how horrible it must have been on that set and that I think both of these dudes are genuinely terrible people (one more so than the other, I'll give you one guess who!!!) and again, let me reiterate, you could not pay me enough.

Is there a movie you feel this way about?