Will method acting be rightfully canceled?

Will Poulter is the latest celebrity to come out against method acting:

"If your process creates an inhospitable environment, then to me you’ve lost sight of what’s important."


This seems like it's a thinly veiled criticism of Jared Leto, whose become famous for being terrible on set, and blaming "method acting" for his behavior. (He sent Margot Robbie a rat on the set of Suicide Squad, and also just generally has been terrible to everyone around him on set, according to reports.) In fact, it seems like a lot of people in Hollywood who are generally known to be dicks use "method acting" as an excuse (see: Dustin Hoffman, Christian Bale's on-set freakout). King Robert Pattinson said as much:

“I always say about people who do method acting, you only ever see people do the method when they’re playing an assholes."


But it's funny how more and more people are coming out against it — in Poulter's case, saying it's dangerous, and in Jake Gyllenhaaal's case on SNL, saying it's just silly. (The latter reminds me of when Larence Olivier asked Dustin Hoffman when the latter was struggling with being in-character, "My dear boy, why don't you just try acting?")

Either way, whether it's being an asshole to those around you, or losing 150 pounds to get an Oscar... can we just cancel method acting once and for all?