What Is Up With Nicolas Cage & This Pig?

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What Is Up With Nicolas Cage & This Pig?

20 bucks says you can't guess the synopsis of Nicolas Cage's new film, Pig. In fact, I've watched the trailer five times, and I'm still very confused by what's happening in this Nicolas Cage Pig trailer. Released on Thursday, the trailer has a thriller/horror movie vibe, and is about a retired chef so desperate to find his abducted truffle-hunting pig that he takes a break from his isolated life in the wilderness and goes to the big city to look for her. Because nothing comes between a man and his pig.

There are many strange things happening here. But here's what I can make out: Cage is a recluse who gave his whole life to his customers when he was a chef — "I remember every meal I ever cooked," he says mournfully at one point — and he now lives in the woods with his truffle pig. One night, after a strange explosion of sorts, his pig goes missing, and so he must return to the city to find said pig because he is convinced that one of his old chef rivals stole it? (I think?)

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I'm not sure if this movie is a drama, a thriller, or something more disturbing. The explosion before the taking of the pig is especially dramatic and, paired with the dramatic music, feels very John Wick/Taken-esque, which is weird because Cage does not throw one punch in this entire trailer. Mid-way through the trailer, I was almost convinced that it's an art-house drama. But then, this one line emerges: "Who has my pig?" and any hope at a normal movie evaporates instantly.

Look, the fact is that one simply does not cast Nicolas Cage in... a normal movie. Not anymore. There's gotta be something weird going on here. And while I'm not sure what that is yet, I do know that there is definitely something weird going on between Nicolas Cage and this pig. Based on my life as a pop culture junkie, here are a few possibilities:

  • Nic Cage is in love with this pig. Look, no judgement, I, too, love my pet. I'm not saying there's anything romantic, but for the record I am absolutely NOT ruling it out.
  • The pig is Nic Cage's dead wife reincarnated. If Alex Wolff is really playing his son, then the next obvious question is, what happened to his mother? My guess is she died tragically from eating a poisonous mushroom, and Cage believes that this pig is his wife, who has returned to help him avoid the same fate by finding him only the very best truffles.
  • The pig is a horcrux.
  • There never was a pig. It was all a hallucination created by Nic Cage to keep him company in the woods.
  • Life is an illusion and has no meaning.

Pig will be released in theaters on July 16. Until then... happy truffle hunting.


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