Did Lifetime's 'A House On Fire' Just Make Me Relate To A Child Murderer?

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Did Lifetime's 'A House On Fire' Just Make Me Relate To A Child Murderer?

Based on the true crime book Bitter Harvest by Ann Rule, the Lifetime movie A House on Fire is a tale as old as time: in a hospital where everyone dresses in super-adorable boatneck scrubs, two doctors meet cute. She’s a brilliant, emotionally reserved overachiever/ scrapbooker; he’s a soft-hearted sweetie with that Caesar haircut that George Clooney had in 1993.

They work, they jog, they get married. Everything seems perfect, but hey, this is Lifetime — if you want to watch perfect-seeming people have a nice time together, go watch Fixer Upper. But if you want to watch Stephanie March, formerly of Law & Order: SVU, descend into a world of drugs, deception, murder, poison, and sinister scrapbook-related breakdowns, keep it parked right here.

March plays Dr. Debora Green, a (real! As in, this is a real crime!) young doctor with everything going for her. But her attempts to create a perfect life to go along with her perfect hair go awry a decade and a half into her marriage. Mike, her formerly sweet and Caesar-haired husband, has become distant, and is maybe probably definitely having an affair with a coworker’s wife.

Green’s bosses are sexist and patronizing; they don’t care that she always gives her patients perfect care, only that she shows up to meetings 10 minutes late because she was caring for her children (gross). The only people she feels happy or comfortable around are her kids. And one morning, while attempting to do 20 things at once, she slips and sprains her wrist, which leads to her getting prescribed strong pain medication, which leads to a prescription pill habit.

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