Clayton Thought Susie Was Vying For Bachelorette

It's safe to say the internet is pretty split on whether or not they are Team Susie or Team Clayton. But Clayton's podcast interview on Almost Famous peels back another layer to the drama.

The sides. Team Susie says Clayton shouldn't have slept with Gabby and Rachel. Team Clayton says Susie should have told him her feelings in advance. Mostly everyone agrees that Clayton's "flip the switch" moment was jarring, but why did he flip so fast? Was it because he was gaslighting her, or was there something deeper?

On Almost Famous, Clayton says he had a moment where he thought Susie wasn't here for the right reasons, and that her exit could be chalked up to trying to get out of their relationship. Specifically, to become the next Bachelorette.

Under THOSE circumstances, is Clayton's anger more warranted?