What's In "Junk Juice"? 'MDLNY' Star Kirsten Jordan Reveals What It Is, And Where To Get It

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What's In "Junk Juice"? 'MDLNY' Star Kirsten Jordan Reveals What It Is, And Where To Get It

In the Season 9 premiere of Million Dollar Listing New York, we were introduced to newcomer Kirsten Jordan and the very potent, very special elixir she claims gives her energy. The real estate executive, race walker, and mom of three was, in fact, very energized when we spoke on the phone, so we had to ask: what's in Kirsten Jordan's "junk juice," as she calls it?

KJ spoke to us about what it was like joining the cast and humored us when we asked about a potential Selling Sunset crossover (read all about that here) but below, we focus on KJ's "secret to success." She tells us what "junk juice" is, and more importantly, how we can get some.

The Dipp: So. What's in the "junk juice"?

[Laughs] Oh, the junk juice.

Yeah, you probably should lock down that recipe now!

Yeah, I'm going to have to patent that baby! Well, listen, it's different for everybody because [junk juices] are custom formulas by my acupuncturist, who's incredible. It's just a bunch of Chinese herbs. If I knew it was in it, I don't know, I probably wouldn't drink it. It tastes kind of funky and it's definitely been my secret for being able to survive everything that I do while I burn the candle at both ends.

Is it caffeinated?

It's not caffeinated. The Chinese herbs are supposed to help balance your hormones and your body in general. The idea of Chinese medicine is to bring your body back into balance, and I don't want to bastardize how that works, because I don't know anything about it. All I know is I've been doing acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs since 2013 and I am just like, a huge fan. And it's something that I just have brought into my life as my practice. And it's one of my secrets to success.

Can you share the name of this acupuncturist and where people can get it? Or do you want to keep that private.

Sure! Yeah!

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