Graham's "Li'l Red" Persona On 'Men In Kilts' Gave Off Major 'Preacher' Vibes

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Graham's "Li'l Red" Persona On 'Men In Kilts' Gave Off Major 'Preacher' Vibes

The many voices of Graham McTavish have been on full display during his Scottish road trip with Sam Heughan on Men in Kilts. If you're familiar with his vocal performance for the Clanlands audiobook or his many voiceover roles, McTavish's voices on Men in Kilts won't be a surprise. Men in Kilts even highlighted how McTavish was known to do a voice or two on Outlander. But his spotlighted cowboy character of "Li'l Red" in the "Song & Dance" episode was far more reminiscent of his Preacher character than Dougal MacKenzie.

As Heughan did all of the driving for Men in Kilts, he's had to focus on the open Scottish road ahead of him. But that left his passenger McTavish in charge of the entertainment portion of the trip. "We do a lot of driving and it doesn't get boring or tedious because I feel like I have the man of many, many voices," Heughan said in the third episode. And while he's one to talk since the Jamie actor has channeled quite a few characters too, McTavish decided to reveal his favorite voice of "Li'l Red."

Viewers don't know much about the enigma that is Li'l Red. He lives in a barn, isn't too sure about old "Scotchland," and prefers to wear "men's pants." But there's no doubt that Li'l Red has some cowboy blood in him, just like McTavish's character on the AMC show Preacher.

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