What Happened To J'accuse In 'Lupin' Part 2? The Pup Is M.I.A.

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What Happened To J'accuse In 'Lupin' Part 2? The Pup Is M.I.A.

Hey, um, Assane? I think you forgot someone rather important while you were fleeing from the police. And that someone is J'accuse.

In the fourth episode of Lupin Part 2, the police raid Assane's (extremely cool) apartment, and he's forced to leave in a hurry. Sadly, the raid on his home happens mere hours after he and J'accuse were reunited. It seems that while he was saving Raoul, Assane left his adorable pup, J'accuse with Benjamin, who can longer handle dealing with the pup barking every time he says Pellegrini.

But reader, Assane and J'accuse are reunited, and it's a beautiful moment. They even dance in the kitchen (well Assane dances and J'accuse begs for food, but it's still cute)! But then the police arrive and ruin everything.

Now, this is where things get tricky. When he realizes he's being framed for murder and the police are on their way, Assane takes J'accuse and leaves the apartment. So, it's established that the master thief did not leave his beloved pup behind.

However, J'accuse then disappears from the action entirely. He's not with Assane when the gentleman thief catches up to Benjamin, and he's not with them when they escape the police again by exiting their hideout via the catacombs. So that means one of two things happened: Assane made a pitstop to drop off J'accuse somewhere safe before going to pick up Benjamin, or he left his scrappy dog to fend for himself on the streets (which is highly unlikely, because come on, who could leave that little guy behind? Have you seen his face?? Impossible!).

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