'Lupin' Part 2 Theories — Because Who Can Wait Until The Summer?

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'Lupin' Part 2 Theories — Because Who Can Wait Until The Summer?

With just five episodes, Lupin managed to become the first smash hit of 2021. (The French drama is currently on track to become one of Netflix's most-watched series.) But, unlike most Netflix hits, fans won't have to wait a whole year for new episodes. Lupin Part 2 will premiere this summer on Netflix, with a brand new five-episode installment. Spoilers for Lupin Part 1 ahead.

The speedy timeline probably has to do with the fact that Lupin filmed an entire 10 episode first season, with only the first five being released on Netflix in January. Once these next five episodes premiere, however, it's unclear if the show will continue. And, even if it does, fans will probably have to wait even longer for a Part 3. But, let's not dwell on the unknown. Now that Netflix has confirmed that Lupin Part 2 will premiere in the summer of 2021, let's talk about what really matters: what's going to happen.

Lupin Part 1 ended on a heart-stopping cliffhanger, with Assane's son Raoul being kidnapped by Mr. Pellegrini's henchman right as Officer Guedira figured out he was responsible for the heist at the Louvre. Will Assane be able to find Raoul? Or will he be arrested on the spot, thus leaving his son in more danger? And what is Claire going to do when she finds out her ex moonlights as a super thief Lupin-wannabe who is wrapped up in a decades-long conspiracy? Let's investigate where the next batch of episodes could go.

Assane & Guedira Will Team Up To Save Raoul

Image: Emmanuel Guimier / Netflix

Guedira doesn't have enough evidence to actually put Assane away, even if he knows that he is the thief who stole the diamonds from the Louvre and who has been running around Paris as Arsène Lupin. And even if he did, Police Commissioner Dumont wouldn't let Assane be arrested for fear that he would reveal Dumont's shady deals. Plus, Guedira definitely has some respect for Assane's mastery of disguise and duplicity, which means he'll be likely to listen when Assane tells him that a shady man trying to kill him just kidnapped his son.

This would also pave the way for a future friendship and potential alliance between Assane and the Paris Police. He's going to need help to take down the Pellegrini family, and something tells me Guedira will be too fascinated by the conspiracy to actually turn Assane in.

Claire Will Die To Save Raoul

Image: Emmanuel Guimier / Netflix

This one's a bit of a journey, so stay with me. In the Part 1 finale, Assane and Claire recall their favorite Lupin book, The Hollow Needle, which, according to Den Of Geek, includes a storyline about Lupin going straight with a new wife, who doesn't know about his thieving ways and ends up taking a bullet for him. Granted, this doesn't exactly mirror Claire and Assane's relationship, but it brings up a very likely scenario. Claire might not be willing to die for Assane, but she would definitely trade her life for her son's. This would also save Luplin from having to figure out how Claire, arguably the love of Assane's life, would react to his scheming.

Assane Will Take Pellegrini Down — After Learning That His Dad Didn't Die By Suicide

Image: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

Assane still believes that his father, Babakar, died by suicide after realizing he would spend years in jail for admitting to a crime he didn't commit. He believes that his father's honor kept him from carrying on. But I'm not so sure. Throughout Part 1, we see Pellegrini's henchmen kill or attempt to kill two people: Fabienne Beriot and Assane himself. Both murders are made to look like a suicide by hanging, the very same way Babakar supposedly died. It's not a stretch to think that Pellegrini saw Babakar as a loose end, and decided to kill him to make sure he never revealed the truth. And once Assane figures it out, Pellegrini is done for.

In addition to these theories, there's also one major plot hole Lupin Part 2 needs to address: what in the world is Assane doing with that damned diamond necklace? Is he going to sell it? Is he just going to keep giving it a way diamond by diamond like a luxury Robin Hood? I need to know...

Is it summer yet?

Image: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

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