9 'Lucifer' Finale Questions We'll Never Have The Answer To

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9 'Lucifer' Finale Questions We'll Never Have The Answer To

That's a wrap on the devil! Lucifer closed out its sixth and final season with a surprisingly satisfying 10 episode run that answered all our major questions. Who takes over as God, what happens to Dan, and whether or not Chloe and Lucifer can make their angel-human relationship work. But, for as thorough as the final season is, there are still a lot of Lucifer questions left unanswered by the series finale. Spoilers ahead for Lucifer Season 6.

It's impossible for any show to tie every loose thread or answer every single question posed over the course of an entire series. And it's even harder for a show that deals with the existential questions of faith, Heaven, Hell, and guilt. There's only so much one season can do. So, in an effort to fill in the gaps without going full fan fiction, let's talk about all the Lucifer questions we'll never have the real answers to.


How Is It Possible That Lucifer Never Checked In On Chloe And Their Daughter?

At the end of Season 6, Lucifer promised never to return to Earth until after Rory traveled back in time and met him. But, do we really buy that? I find it absolutely impossible to believe that Lucifer never popped up to check on the love of his life. and his only daughter. At the very least, he could have come up to visit Chloe in secret. It really wouldn't be fair for him to just leave her alone for decades. A woman has needs!

Does Trixie Ever Find Out About Lucifer, Maze, and Amenadiel?

It's not totally clear how close Trixie and Rory are in the future, but Rory did mention that she ages differently than humans because she's half angel, and I think Trixie would probably notice if her sister basically stopped aging. Not to mention, she definitely would notice her baby sister sprouting wings.

By the end of the series, Trixie was the only main character not to know about Lucifer's real identity, so I really hope she ended up learning the truth. Preferably before she dies and meets up with Lucifer in Hell or Amenadiel in Heaven.

Did Trixie & Rory Never Talk About Lucifer?

This isn't that important, but there was a strange exchange in Season 6 between Rory and Trixie in which Rory was shocked that her dad played board games with Trixie and Chloe. I don't understand how they would have never talked about this. If they're close enough that Rory has the password to Trixie's computer (she makes an offhanded remark about Trixie always having the best porn), then surely they're close enough that Rory has asked Trixie about her father? (Also, wouldn't she recognize Dan in Hell?)


How Does Amenadiel Balance Being God And A Father?

Everything about Amenadiel's new God job is confusing to me. So, he's basically promised to split time between Earth and Heaven, that way he can raise his son and still be God. But, truly, how does that work?

Is Michael Still Scrubbing The Halls Of Hell?

In the first episode of Season 6, we catch a glimpse of Michael, Lucifer's identical brother, scrubbing the halls of hell as punishment for his Season 5 actions. But by the end of the season, Lucifer has decided to rule Hell as a merciful devil, one who helps all damned souls face their guilt and move on to Heaven. So, where does that leave Michael? Are some souls just too rotten to go to Heaven?

If Hell Is About One's Own Guilt, Does That Mean All Sociopaths Go To Heaven?

This Michael situation leads to my next question: how exactly does the Heaven/Hell process work? Over the years, it's been established that God doesn't decide who goes to Heaven and Hell, but our own souls. Those who feel guilt will go to Hell, and those who don't will go to Heaven. But, what does that mean for people who don't feel guilt?


Are Maze & Eve Going To Live Forever?

Maze and Eve are pretty immortal so far, so unless Lucifer or Amenadiel can do something to make them mortal, they're going to live a long, long time. Which means, they can only stay in LA with their friends for so long, right? At some point, those around them (Trixie, for example), will notice they're not getting older. I know it's LA (where plastic surgeons go to thrive), but still. Have we learned nothing from Twilight?

Can God Save The LAPD?

The series ended with Amenadiel deputizing Chloe as God's woman on the inside of the LAPD. He wants to reform the police through Chloe. The first step is making Chloe Lieutenant and promoting Sonya (Merrin Dungey) to Detective. But how much can God/Chloe really do here? Also, is God installing similar human envoys to police precincts across the globe?

Who Owns Lux If Lucifer & Amenadiel Are Both Gone?

Before he left Earth, Lucifer made sure to make Amenadiel a co-owner of Lux. But then Amenadiel decided to take over as God, while also raising a half mortal child, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't really have time for nightclubs. Best guess: Lucifer left the club to Chloe. He does owe her 18 years of child support after all.

Good luck saving our souls!


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