Chuggs' Bucket Hat Business Outside Of 'Love Island' Is Giving Me Craig Conover Vibes

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Chuggs' Bucket Hat Business Outside Of 'Love Island' Is Giving Me Craig Conover Vibes

It seems like no one knows what to make of Chuggs Wallis, one of the newest boys to enter the Love Island Season 7 villa in Episode 4. The women seemed intrigued by him, but no one was more interested in Chuggs and his outside life than narrator Ian Sterling, who repeatedly mentioned the fact that Chuggs is the founder of a "bucket hat empire." Wait, what?

Somehow I missed this in his intro, but after some quick googling it appears that Chuggs' bucket hat business is real and to be honest, it's giving me a ton of Southern Charm and Craig Conover vibes. Both the pillows and hats are ugly as sin, but Craig's Sewing Down South is a legit business and so are Chuggs' Booby Bucket Hats, named not for actual boobs, but for the the blue footed booby bird from the Galapagos Islands. Chugg's bucket hat business is not so much an empire as it is a very earnest fashion startup, which... hey, at least he, like Craig, put an idea into action.

On the website, Chuggs writes that this idea came to him after graduating from Oxford Brookes University in 2020 and then flourished in quarantine. Yes, when lockdown hit the U.K., Chuggs Wallis' first thought was, "let's make bucket hats." Hey, we all did weird shit after being isolated in our homes.

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The website reads, "Born in lockdown no.1 2020 we have now worked with hundred's of Universities, Sports Clubs, Schools and Businesses to create one of a kind Booby products. We have had fantastic reviews & made some awesome hats which you can see on our social media platforms!"

It goes on, "Booby Buckets products offer you a timeless, high quality design that you can wear for years to come wherever life may take you ... the beach, festivals, casual wear or perhaps to help manage a bad hair day!"

It's actually quite charming that Chuggs, whose nickname is a composite of "cuddles and hugs," has started his own "fashion" brand. He's young, fit, and obviously not to proud to wear a printed bucket hat in public. Who wouldn't want to couple up with this guy and his very enthusiastic business?

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