Wow, Toby Really Thought He Was Gonna Win 'Love Island'?

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Wow, Toby Really Thought He Was Gonna Win 'Love Island'?

Everyone knows that the contestants on Love Island might not be the brightest bunch, but it turns out that Toby Aromolaran is also delusional. After the public was asked to choose the most compatible couple, he and Chloe Barrows were on the chopping block alongside Brad McClelland and Lucinda Stratford and Hugo Hammond and Sharon Gafka, which should have surprised no one. And yet, Toby was aghast.

At the end of the day, Brad and Lucinda were at the very bottom, so Toby and Chloe should have been pleased with themselves. They had won over some of the public! But Toby was upset that the people who watched him sneak kisses with Chloe while still coupled up with Kaz had negative opinions about it. Chloe tried to convince him that it wasn't a big deal and was to be expected given the way they got together, but Toby just wouldn't hear it and continued to mope around the villa — something he often does — which might also be why people don't like him.

But why was Toby so convinced that he would be a fan favorite? As far as my eye can tell, this is what he brings to the villa:

  • Grump face
  • Player face
  • About To Hurt Kaz Face

Remember when he was all cutesy with Kaz? Yeah, everyone does, Toby. He really believed that he got away with turning on Kaz to couple up with Chloe. And don't get me wrong, that is totally within his right as a contestant on Love Island. But being excited that Kaz "took it well" when she was likely just swallowing her feelings in the name of not looking too angry or too jealous on camera is definitely not a good look for Toby. If only he had apologized or waited to talk to Kaz before making out with Chloe on the terrace.

I know I said that that I would no longer trust the British public, but in this case, they might have been right.

Images: ITV

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