'Love Island' Did Rachel So Dirty

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'Love Island' Did Rachel So Dirty

The heart wants what the heart wants, so no one can blame Teddy Soares for picking Faye Winter in one of the most intense Love Island recoupling ceremonies so far this season. Still, it was hard to watch Rachel Finni leave the villa, especially after watching her awkward journey from the hot bombshell that made everyone's jaw drop to, well, getting dumped from the island.

When Rachel first arrived, she chose Brad McClellend mostly because she was attracted to him physically and he seemed to be, too. In fact, he told her straight up during one of their initial conversations that she was his type, which is why his eyes popped out of his head when he saw her.

But Rachel was not Brad's type, as we saw when Lucinda Strafford walked in — Lucinda was a bit of him. Rachel was correct when she tearfully talked to Faye about feeling like Brad had sort of conned her into coupling up and then not delivering on making an attempt to get to know her and going straight to "you should get to know the other guys in here." It was total BS and Rachel, who came in knowing how to play the game, deserved more.

Let's not ignore the fact that Love Island, like so many other shows that center desirability, has a major race problem and it seems unfair that the producers walked in two blondes right after Rachel. Bringing in Black women especially does literally nothing for diversity when the men, of all races, often go after petite, leggy blondes because, well, racism and history.

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