Jake Has Single Boy FOMO In 'Love Island's Casa Amor

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Jake Has Single Boy FOMO In 'Love Island's Casa Amor

Any reality TV show worth watching follows a predictable narrative arc. For the Real Housewives, it's the inevitable international trip, or, during COVID, the "major" group vacation. Hometown dates on The Bachelor. The Fourth of July party on Summer House. Stassi's birthday on Pump Rules. The timeline is tried and tested, but it's the specific cast and respective seasonal beefs that make the drama truly pop. On Love Island, that plot point is Casa Amor and the cast member doing the lord's work, pulling the strings to make things worth watching, is none other than Jake Cornish. Who would have thought?

Almost everyone on this season of Love Island needed a little Casa Amor, from Chloe and Hugo, two singles desperate for something other than a friendship couple, to the likes of Kaz and Faye, who need to "test" their relationship. But the real wild card going into Casa Amor is Jake and Liberty, who just made things official before the boys were sent on a "lads holiday" to mix and mingle with a new group of bikini clad women. While it's unlikely that either of them will entertain new blood during Casa Amor week, it's abundantly clear that Jake is having a little bit of single boy FOMO.

He can hardly contain himself with excitement at the prospect of new women and if we are being very honest, Liberty is totally going to notice that he seems to be kicking himself for breaking out that magnetic bracelet before heading into the new villa.

Jake is basically seething for some single fun and he is insisting that the other guys do the same, coupled up or not.

To his credit, he doesn't seem to want to make any actual moves and breakup his solid couple and it was a pro move to lock it down with Lib before Casa Amor, almost assuring them a win at the end of this. Since he can't, he is taking on the role of Lad's Holiday Instigator, like a little Love Island leprechaun just itching for someone to do something, anything, naughty. Because he can't now that he's wearing that goddamn bracelet. And it is hilarious.

Check him out, foaming at the mouth during a game of truth or dare, after Hugo suggests a group kiss.

Here he is, trying to urge Liam to test his relationship with Millie. Spoiler alert: this will not end well.

Here he is again, doing the same shit with Teddy, reminding him that if he were dating someone for the length of time he's been together with Faye in the real world...Teddy would be off the hook for doing something with another woman on vacay with his boys.

"I am literally....," Jake you are literally telling Teddy to sleep in a bed with someone other than our dear, beige friend Faye.

I love all of this so much. Not only that Teddy is the only one pushing back, but that Jake is That Guy of the group. Liberty has nothing to worry about at all...except that whatever is going on in Jake's head is X-rated and likely doesn't involve her (or at least not her, alone). Every reality show needs a cast member who knows how to produce the drama at these sort of pivotal moments and Jake has entered the chat. Go on, bruv! Things are finally getting interesting.

Images: ITV

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