The Boys' Reactions To Jake & Liberty Show They Actually Have Emotions

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The Boys' Reactions To Jake & Liberty Show They Actually Have Emotions

One of the most embarrassing things to watch on Love Island is when a couple decides to make things "official" and the whole villa works together to put together some "romantic" situation that ends with one person asking the other one to be their boyfriend or girlfriend. I literally often have to look away out of second hand cringe for both parts of the couple: the guy who puts together the cheesy scavenger hunt or whatever and the girl who has to feign excitement in front of everyone.

But maybe I've just been more of an asshole in the past, because this season, when Jake set up a little dinner date at another Love Island play restaurant for Liberty and gave her that magnetic charm bracelet to cement their love for each other, I was very emotional! And it must have been even more intense at the actual villa, as all of the men were gushing about how it made them realize what they were there to do. Fall in loooooooove! Or at least find someone to stick with until the finale for the cash prize.

Teddy was properly smitten with the whole thing, to the point that he looked like he would shed a tear. Even playboy Toby was moved by the whole situation, going as far to say that watching Jake liberty made it all "worth it," whether it was taking risks or being a "bad guy." Wow, way to tell on yourself Toby.

They really could not get over it. Given the fact that each and every one of them would leave their current couple if the right petite blonde woman with good banter (but not too good!) sauntered in the villa, it was surprising to see them so touched by a lovey-dovey moment on a neon beanbag.

You know what? As I found myself smiling like a huge geek watching Jake pop the question, it felt like the love had spread to me as well, Toby. Or maybe I just need to watch something other than Love Island, even for one hour. Because I'm starting to fall for this shit.

Images: ITV

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