Hugo & Chuggs Friendship Before 'Love Island,' Explained

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Hugo & Chuggs Friendship Before 'Love Island,' Explained

It's rare that any two cast members from Love Island actually knew each other outside of the villa, but this season, two of the boys, Hugo Hammond and Chuggs Wallis, actually went to university together and travel in the same circles.

Hugo mentions it upon Chuggs' arrival in the house, when he begins bouncing around the pool declaring that he knew him from uni. The two men attended Oxford Brookes together, with Hugo playing cricket and Chuggs on the rugby team. The two of them don't seem to have been actual bros back at school, but they definitely ran in the same extended circle of friends, according to Chuggs.

According to The Sun, they also reportedly once went after the same girl, which might be why Hugo had all that nervous energy about his old schoolmate coming in to find love.

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That's not all he had to be nervous about though. Hugo has earned himself a reputation for being a sweet, nice guy in the villa but once it was revealed that Hugo considered himself a "big name on campus," on Love Island, many women spoke to the tabloids about their experiences with him.

According to one woman, Hugo is a reported "bash and dasher" which means that he will have sex with you but leave right after, never spending the night. She told The Sun, "I used to get with Hugo on nights out and my friends would always warn me to be careful because he sleeps around. I can confirm he never would stay the night. The first time I slept with him he literally got up and left afterwards. Proper bash and dash.” To be fair, he said as much in his intro on Love Island, noting that he likes sleeping in his own bed too much to share.

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There was also reportedly a video that went around on campus of Hugo saying that he was a "fine shagger." Judging from the two men's interactions in Episode 4, they really don't seem especially close. Or maybe they are just scoping out each others' situation and hoping no one spills the beans about their past exploits to the women.

Adding another layer to Chuggs' outside life, Chloe Barrows also mentioned that she knew him but didn't go into details. Given that she's from Bicester, which is right outside of Oxford, she might have run into both him and even Hugo out at the bars or something.

All of this just makes me wonder — who else has secret connections on the outside, given that there are only so many schools and towns to pull contestants from? And do we have to call it a "bash and dash?"

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