To Spud Or Not To Spud On 'Love Island'

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To Spud Or Not To Spud On 'Love Island'

The Chloe Barrows, Toby Aromolaran, and Abi Rawlings drama has finally ended it seems (at least for now). A lot came out of the situation — I learned that Toby is even more chaotic than I thought, Chloe is capable of human emotion, and that the Brits say the darnedest things.

After resolving their issues, Toby and Abi have a quiet chat in the yard of the villa and at the end of it, Abi asks him to "spud her." Now I was doing the dishes at the time and immediately had to stop, turn around, and look to see what the hell she was talking about. With her hand in a fist, reaching out to Toby, I realized that she was asking him to "pound" and cement their pact to let things roll between them. My mind was blown, as I had no idea that the English language was being mangled this way.

The only time I've ever heard the word spud used, it was referring to potatoes, and I guess the clenched up fist does kinda, sorta resemble a potato?

No, I'm forcing it. It does not. And it makes no sense at all, since of course, the only word for this type of handshake is a pound, or a fist bump, plain and simple. What else are they saying over there?

Images: ITV

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