'Love Is Blind's Kyle & Shake Are Feuding On Instagram For Some Fascinating Reason

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'Love Is Blind's Kyle & Shake Are Feuding On Instagram For Some Fascinating Reason

Love Is Blind may be over, but the drama isn't. Even though we still have the reunion (coming Friday) where we'll get updates from all of the participants on the show, there's so much happening outside of the relationships, and you may totally be missing it. For example, did you know Shake and Kyle from Love Is Blind seem to be feuding? If you're not deep on LIB Reddit, or Twitter, or Instagram, you may totally not know that these two men seem to have some beef.

As a recap, Kyle didn't end up with anyone on the show, after he and Shaina went their separate ways. (They fundamentally disagreed on the creation of life itself, so yeah, that was never going to happen.) Shake and Deeps broke up at the altar, and thank God for that (no pun intended, Kyle). Shake then went on to play off his broken engagement as a good thing for him, while Deeps realized she just dodged a bullet.

So both guys are single and are probably enjoying the benefits of becoming a reality TV star overnight. I can't say I blame them. So what gives with this feud?

It all started...

Six days ago, Kyle posted this picture...

[rich Embed]

To which Shake responded with this:

The comments seem lighthearted — perhaps just two friends joshin' each other. Shake doesn't have abs (expects the women he dates to have them though, ironically) but he's a vet and you have to be smart to become a vet. But is he insinuating Kyle doesn't have a brain? Let's keep digging...

Kyle commented on this post from the Love Is Blind Instagram page...

[rich Embed]

To which Shake replied with...

Kyle's comment didn't mention Shake directly, so this definitely perked up the ears of fans, because why would Shake respond with that? Shake also added a comment of his own saying that he is keeping it real at the reunion. Phew.

Shake then shared this to his Instagram story...

Image: Instagram, @thepuppydoc

As you can see, Shake calls Kyle out for being a serial cheater. An interesting claim, and something that the minds at Reddit can't make sense of.

Image: Reddit

So did something happen at the reunion? Are these two just giving each other a hard time online for fun? Or is Shake just stirring up drama because he... loves drama? According to multiple sources, Shake "got a good edit" on the show, and you can see him on Instagram frustrated by NDAs and teasing that he knows something big. But, something tells me this guy is here for the clout and the Nobu reservations.

Image: Instagram

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