I Am A Love Is Blind Virgin

So in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, everyone, and everyone watched Love Is Blind. But for some reason, I was defiant in my "I'm not watching" stance. So now that it is season 2, i thought, hey why not... and you guys. I am addicted to this god damn trainwreck. I am fascinated by people who propose through walls, get engaged after they have deep discussions about their fundamental differences, I mean one guy literally chose his now fiance as a backup... it's CHAOS. All under the guise of "see I'm not shallow because I chose her/him without seeing them" and it's like... well then you did and you still weren't interested. It just shows that you can want to be physically connected and attracted to your partner, and that doesn't make you the worst IMO.

And I can't get enough. I now regret not watching season 1 with the rest of the world.