Everything Natalie Has Said About Shayne After 'Love Is Blind'

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Everything Natalie Has Said About Shayne After 'Love Is Blind'

It's been almost two weeks since the reunion has dropped for Love Is Blind and I can't think about anything else. Seriously, someone give me something else to watch because all I do is stalk the cast on social media. While there are rumors going around about Natalie and Sal, and Shayne has been very mums the word about who he's dating, I couldn't help but wonder if there was any chance these two would get back together. So I decided to listen to a couple podcasts Natalie has been on to see what she says about Shayne.

Let's dive in!

On when Shayne found out she was Korean...

"When I did talk about my background, I didn't mention my race or ethnicity... I didn't reveal that until Shayne and I decided we wanted to be engaged. It didn't really faze him. He really embraced my culture." - Feeling Asian Podcast

On saying no at the altar

"It was was really difficult for me to say no. I know going into my wedding day that was the right choice for me, but even going down the aisle — or going up to the altar — I still kind of switched back and forth. Am I making the right decision? How do I know if 'no' is the best choice for us? It was really difficult..." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On dating Shayne after the wedding

"We did date for several months after our wedding. We just wanted to give it another shot without the pressures of a wedding, and also the cameras. And, yeah, I mean, I think for the most part, what happened on our wedding day and the day before our wedding day, that fight, I couldn't move on from it and I don't think he could either. And also I think it comes down to we are very different people with different needs and wants at the end of the day. And we also have some communication issues, and we just couldn't figure out a solution or resolution to that." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On whether her and Shayne could get back together

"That door is shut for me." - Tea with Publyssity Podcast

On how it feels to have people watching this part of her life...

"It's definitely intense. Just people having that insight into, you know, that relationship I had on the show and after the show as well and just like my very vulnerable moments. It's hard watching the show as a viewer and kind of seeing the ups and downs I went through just knowing millions of other people are also watching. That is definitely tough." - Feeling Asian Podcast

On her relationship status currently

"I'm focused on myself. I'm dating myself. And you're just going to have to stay tuned in terms of what's happening in my life." - Feeling Asian Podcast

So the door is shut with Shayne (thank God) and we need to stay tuned for what's coming next. Let's hope that's a release date of After the Altar!

Image: Youtube, Feeling Asian Podcast

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