Are Deepti & Shake Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? Their "Types" Have Been Tested

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Are Deepti & Shake Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? Their "Types" Have Been Tested

The new Love Is Blind couples have been chosen and after bonding in the pods and then spending some time in Mexico together, they are all seemingly on their way down the aisle. Though we all know that can change at any time, so each week we're going to look into the question of if Deepti and Shake are still together after Love Is Blind Season 2, with a full report on their relationship — or lack thereof — when the season ends.

Of course, they won't totally give themselves away on social media or anything while the show is still airing, but we're going to look for clues on their Instagram and other social media accounts to see if they're following each other, if they're posting from the same places at the times, and who else they're friends with. We'll dig into Reddit and Deux Moi to see what people are reporting about the couples, and use clues from the show about their dynamic to make some predictions.

So check in each week to see what's going on with your fave couples and if you do have a boots on the ground tip to share about a couple, make sure to comment here and let us know. Because we want to know what you know.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2, as well as social media clues available. It will be updated each week with new show information.

Week 1

What we've got from the show: This is an interesting couple, mostly because Shake seems to really have surprised himself by falling for Deepti and their bond seems to be strong. They talk about their futures together and seem to be on the same page about what they want in a relationship, but Deepti is definitely way more attracted to Shake than he is to her.

They haven't slept together yet and Shake literally went around telling everyone at the cocktail party in Mexico that he wasn't feeling her physically. The teaser for next week shows the couple talking in a park about "marrying their best friend," she Shake looks like he might be ready to spill that he's not feeling the physical spark he wants to.

What online is telling us: They do follow each other on Insta, but they haven't liked or commented on any of each others' posts despite being active social media users. In fact, Sal has liked more of Shake's posts than Deeps.

So are they together?: Even if they did get married at the end of the show, by the time Deeps hears what Shake has to say about her appearance in the first episodes, things could change. The lack of interaction on Instagram suggests things have gone cold between them. Or, they're really intent on keeping their relationship status under wraps until the finale and given how intense and goofy they are together, it's a solid possibility that they're truly playing the game.

Week 2

What we've got from the show: Leaving Mexico, I was worried about Deepti and Shake, given their lack of intimacy. But they are surprising me! Not only are the vibing with each others families, but Shake is surprisingly open and vulnerable with her about his qualms and is dedicated to making a real effort to turn the lights down and give it a go. This is good!

What online is telling us: They still follow each other on Instagram and are quite possibly the most responsive to fans about the show, a sign, I think, that it was overall a great experience. When Deeps shared a clip of them in the pods, Shake commented with a crown, which shows that they still have some sort of connection or are in agreement about how things went down with them on the show.

Recently, they each shared a video of their van ride to their date in Mexico, with Shake saying it was the most fun he’s ever had. For a guy like Shake to say that, it must have been a good time.

So are they together?: Their enthusiasm and communication style has me rooting for these two. Even if they just end up as BFFs, these two are definitely still together in some capacity.

Week 3

What we've got from the show: Deepti. Is. Brutal. They throw a traditional Indian wedding and Shake comes in dancing with his friends, ready to say “I do.” But Deepti threw him a curve ball and declined to marry him, mostly because he had been so open about not really being attracted to her. Like Shake’s mom told him during his home visit, Deeps realized that she didn’t deserve to be with someone who didn’t want her and only her.

Shake takes it in stride, hilariously making people continue dancing somewhat maniacally repeating that everything was going to be ok through a forced smile. Hey, it’s gotta hurt being rejected in front of everyone. Luckily, Shake had Nobu reservations that coming weekend, as he exclaims, so life will surely go on for him. Deepti has no regrets and it’s really the first time all season that viewers get to see that it was actually her who was unsure about their marriage all along, and not him.

What online is telling us: They still follow each other on Instagram, posting about their whole experience and highlights from the show. It seems like Deepti is mostly happy about the friends she made along the way, and Shake continues to post screenshots of him responding to fans who are harassing him in his DMs. He also recently almost accidentally spoiled the show on Cameo, making him the most chaotic Love Is Blind season 2 cast member at the end of the day. And truly, I thought that honor was going to Shaina or Danielle’s mom.

So are they together?: There is no way in hell that these two are together. Considering that Deepti left him because she had a gut feeling that he felt like he was settling, now that she’s seen the episodes with him talking about her appearance and looking like his “aunt,” I’m betting these two aren’t even civil to each other outside of trying to promote the show

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