Here's What Deepti Has Said About Shake (And Kyle) On Podcasts Since 'Love Is Blind'

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Here's What Deepti Has Said About Shake (And Kyle) On Podcasts Since 'Love Is Blind'

All hail Queen Deepti. She's beauty, she's grace, she's Miss United States, and she would make an awesome Bachelorette if there were to be a Love Is Blind/ Bachelor cross over. One thing throughout this season of Love Is Blind that really resonates with me is how graceful and compassionate she is towards literally everybody, including Shake, her almost husband on the show.

Despite the awful things Shake has said about Deeps throughout the series, she continues to take the high road — you've got to respect it. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot to say in regards to him. She's been the guest on multiple podcasts recently and got real deep (pun intended) about their relationship. Lucky for you, I listened to them so you don't have to! So without further ado, here is everything Deepti has said about Shake (and a bit about Kyle) on podcasts...

She originally rated Shake "very low"

"...I could tell right away this is probably not going to work... He made a lot of the other girls cry... I actually had to talk to him about that, and it was a rocky step in our progression... And that's when he had that self reflection moment that was like, 'You know, I don't know why I'm asking these questions.' So I saw some depth in him and I saw there was some good in there somewhere..." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On why she said yes to an engagement

"There was a lot of relatability in our life stories and how we grew up. And we had this love for music... I just knew that I would have a good time with him but also he's professional... So I was like "Oh, on paper you're kind of perfect for me"... Our conversations were fun, when he actually let down his wall and it was just me and him and there's no outside noise. So yeah, I think we just really connected on that level and I could envision a future with him. And I did see the good in him." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

When they met face-to-face, it was "unmatched"

"The emotion and just like, the adrenaline that you're going through, it's one of the top feelings. No matter what has happened with me and him, that moment was just, it was amazing. And, you know, he came at me like a little puppy dog... He made me feel really comfortable in that situation and when he touched my feet I thought it was so beautiful... I wish he didn't grab my ass because my grandpa watched it..." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

Shake's misogynistic behavior begins to show

"After filming had wrapped, I tried to be friends with him and as the days unfolded, I kinda saw more of his true character. And I realized "the face" or "the mask" that he put on during filming is no where near the person that I thought he was and it kinda sucks. Every time I would hang out with him, my energy would be drained honestly. He has a problem with at least one person in the room...It's such a red flag. And it's usually a woman, and he just doesn't know how to talk to women. It's so degrading and like, misogynistic. I don't know. We are not friends anymore. But I am still there for him if he really, really needs me, I'm never going to abandon him. But honestly, after the reunion I've realized, it's not my problem anymore." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On her relationship with Kyle now

"Kyle was my number two person in the pods and I was really struggling between the two. With Kyle, it would just be so spontaneous, and adventurous, and fun but, like, I didn't know exactly where it would go. And so I kinda picked the stable route, I guess. He told me 'You're so into Shake, so the only way I would ever marry you is if you ask me." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On if her and Kyle are dating

"Kyle and I hang out all the time, even before the reunion, he's like my best friend. I mean, I don't know, we'll see where it goes." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

Shake is flirting with other co-stars

"The group chat was very triggering for me after filming had wrapped just because Shake was all in there constantly flirting with other women..." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

Would she go on"Love Is Blurry"

"No." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On Shake's "aunt" comments

"It's hard to watch seemed like he didn't really care who was listening and it kinda makes me sad. But that's his problem and not mine." - We Have the Receipts Podcast

On how long she spent with Shake before meeting

"I had a lot of time with Shake. You know, during the day we would have like an hour and a half dates and then nighttime dates were like three hours. So I think like in totality we probably spent like 40-50 hours together just talking." - Chicks in the Office Podcast

Knowing what she was going to say at the altar

"When we're getting closer to the weddings we had a couple intimate dates, and at that point I was just, why are we forcing something that's not there. I shouldn't have to make him see me. And it's okay if you're not physically attracted to me if that's a problem and we have a chemistry issue, it is what it is. So I think my mindset started to change and I started to think to myself, is this somebody I even want? Why am I putting the ball in his court? So obviously I can't say yes, how could I?" - Chicks in the Office Podcast

If she had said yes...

"If I was married to him, I'd probably be filing for divorce..." - Chicks in the Office Podcast

Watching the show

"Tough is a good word to use because, you know, after filming had wrapped, I was under the impression that we could at least, you know, celebrate, this friendship that we've built because we've gone through something so insane and like, no one else understands. As the days unfolded after filming had wrapped I just started to see more of his true character. It was just tough. I distanced myself." - The Viall Files Podcast

On the cast having her back

"All of the cast had my back with Shake ... They saw the type of person he was. Jarrette pulled me aside and said, 'I don't think you should marry him, he doesn't speak highly of you,' and Shayne the whole time protected me..." - The Viall Files Podcast

Her brother's Instagram post about Shake

"My brother and my family are always trying to protect me. They were livid because we welcomed him into our family. My brother reached out to him and would be like, 'Hey, I know you have no siblings so if you ever need anything, like, I'm here for you as a brother.' We just gave him so much love and he reciprocated by saying the harshest words. It's cruel honestly." - The Viall Files Podcast

Shake has since apologized in a video on his Instagram. I said it once, I'll say it again, Deepti for Bachelorette!

Images: Youtube, Nick Viall

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