Danielle's Family Sex Talk On 'Love Is Blind' Is Exactly Why She & Nick Won't Last

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Danielle's Family Sex Talk On 'Love Is Blind' Is Exactly Why She & Nick Won't Last

The only question I have after watching Love Is Blind Season 2 is not whether love is, in fact, blind, but where and how I can get in touch with Danielle Ruhl's mom, Wendy, to ask if I can come over for lunch on the deck and a good, raucous talk about my sex life. Wendy is the real hero of this season, but the way that Nick Thompson reacted to Danielle's family talk about sex is a sign that these two pod-lovers might not be as compatible as they say they are at every turn.

The two formed a strong connection in the pods and were the first couple to get engaged, but the cracks in their relationship are already showing. Danielle is so insecure that she seems to be ignoring the fact that Nick is just not her type. As much as he claims to be supporting her, the man doth protest too much and in fact, if you read between the lines, what he really wants is for her to be different. He wants to snap his fingers and make her wholly confident, get rid of her anxiety, and stop her from answering the door in Amazon costumes all at once.

But as much as Danielle believes she has too many flaws to be loved, she is actually pretty great and it's evident that that comes from being Wendy's daughter. Not only does she love a good house party and some video games on a Friday night, Danielle is also clearly a great time in bed, even if she's prone to biting and nibbling on her partner. Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants and we are not here to hickey-shame.

When Danielle's mom points the hickey out and continues to go into how important sex is in a relationship, Nick turns bright red. Sure, hearing your mom encourage you to do the deed before marriage and talk about how it's important to keep things spicy in the bedroom is mortifying. No one wants to hear that shit. But it was a sign that Danielle comes from an open, communicative family with a sense of humor. These are all the things Nick is not, judging from his behavior on the show.

I have no doubt that Nick is probably a nice man who means well, even if he should stop patting himself on the back for being nice, which is the least any human being can do. No one was comfortable at that table aside from Wendy, and Nick does explain that he was raised Catholic, so this whole drinking Bloody Mary's on a deck and talking about sex before marriage is new to him. Totally fair. Except that he clearly was processing what kind of family he was marrying into and the idea of hot dog costumes and hickey examinations at the table seem to have him wavering in his resolve that Danielle is the one for him.

We know Nick was dealing with other things that day, based on the fight they have later on, but this was clearly not helping. These two might make it down the aisle, given that they seem to be putting in the work. But is it too much work? For Danielle's sake, I hope she realizes that it might be. She needs someone who will laugh with her mom and let her dance on her own kitchen table when she pleases. Run, Danielle, because Nice Guy Nick just isn't going to be that person.

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