Are Nick & Danielle Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? They Were The Pods' Strongest Couple

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Are Nick & Danielle Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? They Were The Pods' Strongest Couple

The new Love Is Blind couples have been chosen and after bonding in the pods and then spending some time in Mexico together, they are all seemingly on their way down the aisle. Though we all know that can change at any time, so each week we're going to look into the question of if Nick and Danielle are still together after Love Is Blind Season 2, with a full report on their relationship — or lack thereof — when the season ends.

Of course, they won't totally give themselves away on social media or anything while the show is still airing, but we're going to look for clues on their Instagram and other social media accounts to see if they're following each other, if they're posting from the same places at the times, and who else they're friends with. We'll dig into Reddit and DeuxMoi to see what people are reporting about the couples, and use clues from the show about their dynamic to make some predictions.

So check in each week to see what's going on with your fave couples and if you do have a boots on the ground tip to share about a couple, make sure to comment here and let us know. Because we want to know what you know.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2, as well as social media clues available. It will be updated each week with new show information.

Week 1

What we've got from the show: These two hit it off quickly but once they were in Mexico, things started to get a little rough. Although he cares for her, like when she woke up puking on the first morning, the teaser for the next batch of episodes sees them having a very intense fight in Chicago. Danielle's insecurities could get in the way of a meaningful relationship, but it seems like they both care enough about each other to try to work things out.

What online is telling us: With all that being said, the two do follow each other on Instagram, though they don't interact with each other. Danielle does interact with a whole slew of the rest of the cast though, like when they had a full on conversation in the comments about Danielle's love of ranch dressing.

It's possible that Nick doesn't really post on Instagram all that much, given that a lot of his grid is comprised of pics of his dogs, and he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who spends much of his day scrolling. Then again, Sal commented on a promo pic for Love Is Blind that Nick posted saying, "journey on," which might be a reference to his caption or an indication that Sal knows he and Danielle don't make it and it's going to be a long month for him watching his relationship fail.

Danielle also told a friend in the comments that she doesn't think she'll be able to watch the show, but whether that's because the relationship is over or she just doesn't want to see herself on TV is anyone's guess.

So are they together?: Either these two are good at keeping a secret or they've broken up since the finale. I don't know the answer to that, in full transparency, but their social medias aren't giving couple vibes, are they?

Week 2

​​What we've got from the show: Things are looking rocky for these two. While their family visits weren’t the worst, the more these two get to know each other, the more it seems like they’re realizing it’s not the best fit.

Danielle likes to dance on tables and be goofy and Nick likes to…keep his house organized? I’m not sure he even has a personality. Between his mom and his friends at the bach party, Nick is questioning this whole process and even Danielle has admitted that they’ve had some bad fights. We haven’t seen how bad it is so it's hard to judge, but they sound gnarly, though that could be Danielle being too hard on herself after Nick made fun of her costume collection.

What online is telling us: The two of them do follow each other and they’ve been sharing images from their time in Mexico on their Insta Stories and sharing each others’ stories, which is even more telling. There’s def no love lost.

So are they together?: It’s possible that Nick melts at the altar, as he is drenched in sweat by the time Danielle makes it down the aisle. The cliffhanger where he seems to hesitate is worrying, but this one could still go either way.

Week 3

What we've got from the show: Truly, I believed that Nick was profusely sweating because he was going to tell Danielle that he needed more time and leave this delight of a woman at the altar. But he surprised us all, and they actually did it!

What online is telling us: The two of them have been posting a lot on Instagram, with Nick often reposting or sharing things in defense of Danielle, who has been receiving criticism for being anxious and opening up about her mental health on the show (why are people?). She’s also shared BTS content from the bachelor and bachelorette after parties and memes about her and Nick’s relationship.

So are they together?: I feel like a called off engagement is around the corner, but they still love and support each other and all that, but I hope I’m wrong. I told Danielle to run, but if she’s happy as a hotdog, so am I.

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