The 'Lisey's Story' Book Ending Reveals It's A Story Of Healing

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The 'Lisey's Story' Book Ending Reveals It's A Story Of Healing

By this point in the Apple TV+ series, it's clear Lisey's Story isn't a traditional Stephen King horror story. Sure, it has some of the elements of a classic King tale of horror — see the show's resident crazed fan, Jim Dooley — but this is really a story about grief and love. And the ending of the novel version of Lisey's Story drives that point home by concluding not with a terror-fueled grand finale set in Boo'ya Moon, but with a quiet confession from husband to wife. (Major spoilers for the end of Lisey's Story ahead.)

The final chapters of Lisey's Story reveal the novel to be one of King's most grounded stories. Near the end, there is a dramatic showdown in Boo'ya Moon between Lisey and Jim Dooley, but there's still quite a bit of book left after Lisey whacks Jim in the head with her trusty spade. If you're curious about the fate of Scott's unhinged super fan, let me assure you he doesn't escape the story unscathed.

After Lisey hits him with the same shovel she used to take out the man who attempted to assassinate Scott, Jim ends up being devoured by Long Boy. Meanwhile, Lisey rescues her sister, Amanda, and they leave Boo'ya Moon behind to resume the process of cleaning out Scott's study. And that's where the end of Lisey's Story really begins.

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