The Weird Words Of 'Lisey's Story': A Guide

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The Weird Words Of 'Lisey's Story': A Guide

There's nothing straightforward about a Stephen King story, and that includes the increasingly weird words the Lisey's Story characters say to each other so casually you'll start to feel like maybe Boo'ya Moon is a locale every bit as well-known as the Hamptons.

Look, it's no secret Stephen King loves to make up words, but he definitely outdid himself with Lisey's Story. Within the first two episodes, Lisey (Julianne Moore), Scott (Clive Owen), and Lisey's sisters, Amanda (Joan Allen) and Darla (Jennifer Jason Leigh), seem to invent their own language, right down to nicknames so cutesy they might just make you feel queasy. (If Scott calls Lisey "baby luv" one more time, I will barf, I swear.) As a result, you may end up feeling like you need a glossary to understand the language of Lisey's Story.

Don't worry, I feel your pain, and hopefully this list of definitions to the most common weird ass words the characters keep saying to each other will help you out. Just know, there's likely to be more unusual phrases bandied about as the series progresses. In addition to going on Bool Hunts and voyages to Boo'ya Moon, the characters in King's book also come up with some rather creative acronyms and terms of endearment.

One of the most bizarre words that hasn't made the jump from page to screen just yet? "Smucking," which is Scott and Lisey's cutesy way of talking about having sex (possible twist — maybe they're in the forking Good Place?). According to The Guardian, it crops up roughly 50 times in 100 pages, so if it doesn't make it into the show I'll be shocked. But for now, let's leave Scott and Lisey's bedroom talk for another day and focus on the magical terms at the heart of Lisey's Story.

A Glossary Of Lisey's Story's Most Magical Terms:

Bool Hunt: A Bool Hunt is like a magical treasure hunt. It's one of Scott's inventions, and he left one for Lisey to go on in the event of his death. Additionally, each individual clue is known simply as a "bool."

Blood-Bool: Blood-Bools seem to extend from Scott's traumatic childhood. Here a bool is a gift, and it's tied to Scott's history of self-harm. In the second episode, he smashes his hand through a window and "gives" the bloody injury to Lisey in hopes that she'll forgive him for missing their date.

Boo'ya Moon: At the center of the story is Boo'ya Moon, a strange world that seems to be accessed via water (although, it's also suggested that any person who is in a catatonic state, like Amanda, may also enter this realm). Within Boo'ya Moon, there's a huge colosseum where people sit and stare out at the pool (see below), but everyone has to be quiet to avoid attracting the attention of a growling monster lurking in the shadows.

The Pool: At the center of Boo'ya Moon lies The Pool, which is home to the purest, most fortifying water a person could ever wish to drink. It's also a literal fount of inspiration that creative minds have been drawing from since the beginning of time.

Hollyhocks: When they were little, Amanda, Lisey, and Darla played a game of pirates called Hollyhocks, which involved adventuring on an imaginary pirate ship. Somehow, Amanda sees younger versions of herself and her sisters on the boat, which is sailing on the pool in Boo'ya Moon.

Long Boy: The exact nature of Long Boy hasn't been revealed, but in episode one, it's revealed to be a terrifying, growling creature with gleaming eyes. According to Amanda, it's attracted to sound.

The language of Lisey's Story is practically a character all its own, but once you know the basics you'll be ready for a voyage into the heart of Boo'ya Moon right alongside Lisey — just try to avoid running in Long Boy along the way.


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