What’s your Deux Moi ‘spotted’ location?

What is your deux Moi spotted location nearest you? Aka, what hotspot, whether it’s a popular club or five star restaurant or even an exhibit anyone who’s anyone tends to go to when they’re in town?

I live in a city about 20-30 minutes north of Miami. I don’t want to use a place in Miami as my hotspot because it’s basically the LA of the south so I’ll use Fort Lauderdale which I’m closer to. For me, they always find themselves during their stay in soflo at the Guitar Hotel. The hard rock hotel and casino that literally shines a beam so high you can see it from anywhere in the county. And I do mean that. We even have a meme about how if you’re ever lost and need to get home just follow the light. There’s a comedy club where people like Dave chapelle and John mulaney 🙄 have been and there’s a concert venue too. But the thing that attracts celebs to this spectacle is that it’s the only guitar hotel in the world. And also, gambling. Literally Beyoncè and Jay Z were there last year at a poker tournament! Khloe k and Scott disick we’re among some of the people that were there when it opened. JLO filmed a commercial there recently. It really made Hollywood (a little more north than Fort Lauderdale) a place to BE.