Would you have your portrait taken by Anna Marie Tendler?

I hate to admit that before John Mulaney's divorce to Anna Marie Tendler, I did not pay much attention to her art. However once I discovered it I fell in love with her photography -- it's a little dark, a little weird, a little ethereal. I've been following her on IG for a while, and saw she posted about The Other Art Fair, which is happening in LA, Chicago, Dallas & NY. Apparently she's going to have a pop-up photo studio there, where you can get a portrait of up to 3 people (price ranges from $250-$350) I honestly wish I had some over the top gown/costume to wear, because this actually sounds like it would be a really cool photo to have!

Check out the art fair here - https://www.theotherartfair.com/portraits-in-the-first-house/