Pop culture blind spot you've made your peace with

Everyone has their glaring pop culture blind spot, that thing that makes everyone you tell gasp in horror, shock and maybe a little bit of envy. Whether you've never watched a single episode of The Sopranos or somehow never got around to seeing Titanic, there are those pop culture staples that you've somehow avoided all this years, whether by choice or happenstance.

While there's some pop culture blind spots you swear you're going to get around to someday, there's others that it's just like...well, it is what it is. For me that's Twin Peaks, the show and the movie. I'm sure it's as awesome as its fans tell me it is and, knowing my taste, I'd more than likely enjoy it, I've just never had the urge and I doubt I ever will. I get the distinct feeling that will be my biggest pop culture blind spot, and I'm pretty okay with that fact.

What about you? What's your pop culture blind spot that you probably won't be remedying anytime soon?