What's your Sunday funday routine?

Happy Sunday folks!

As I sit here in my robe after a bath with my Mario Badescu Collagen Clay Mask applied, I realize I have such a routine on Sundays. Unless I'm out of town , I almost always do the same couple of things at the same time throughout the day.

Wake up around 10 ( Sunday is my sleeping in day)

Make avocado toast and occasionally a smoothie. Depends on my mood!

Go to the gym

I chug down a Celsius and get a good detox workout in. I always end up spending around 2 hours on Sundays because of the lack of responsibilities, but it always ends up being such a good time!

Grocery time!

If only my quaint little college town had a Trader Joes! I go to Kroger as the second best option and get all the goods for Sunday dinner and the week. I always have to get myself a bouquet of flowers too, of course.

Cook dinner with the roomies

Almost always does this dinner consist of the famous Gigi Hadid vodka pasta. IDK why but it just fits the vibe. A glass of cab on the side too.

Self care~

Always a bath with lavender bath salts and a face mask after. It's a must !

I finish the night with a movie or episode of my current TV show in my freshly washed sheets. The best days are Sundays.

How do you spend you Sunday?