Which nepotism star(s) do you go to bat for?

Last year I bugged everyone under the sun to watch Maid on Netflix (so underrated it's unreal) and my one friend who watched it loved it and couldn't believe how much the main character Alex (Margaret Qualley) looked like the actress who played her mom, Paula (Andie MacDowell). I almost didn't have the heart to tell her it's because, yep, Andie MacDowell is actually her mom IRL.

That's because nepotism is bound to stir up some feelings, ranging from delighted surprise to, oh god, *of course* that's how they became famous. The Zoomers have recently caught on that some of their favorite stars (Maude Apatow, Maya Hawke, Lily Collins, Jack Quaid) have very famous parents, but since I am an elder Millennial, I've already had a list of celebrities whose advantage in Hollywood I'll always let slide.

For me, it's nepotism schmepotism when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones, Domnhall Gleeson and all the various Skarsgårds. What about you? Which kid of famous parent(s) do you think have earned their keep?