Do you consider Jon Hamm to be a dramatic actor or a comedic actor?

Jon Hamm is 51-years-old today and still looking as handsome as ever. Jon...if you're reading this: hello.

Anyway, I was thinking about his filmography and while it's undeniable that he will forever be associated with playing Don Draper on Mad Men, and rightly so, I still think of him more as a funny guy.

While he knew how to play sullen and drunk and self-loathing to perfection on Mad Men (it won him an Emmy, after all) and he's turned in other impressive dramatic work (The Town, for instance) I think where Hamm really shines is as a comedic actor.

He's a hilarious jerk in Bridesmaids and his turns on 30 Rock, SNL, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Parks and Recreation are freakin' riots, too. But, for me, nothing tops his performance as Richard Wayne Gary Wayne on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Jon doing karate! karate! karate! is forever something that will make me laugh:

It doesn't seem right that someone *that* good looking can also be that funny, but as someone with eyes and a sense of humor (learn about it: I'm not complaining.

HBD, Jon, HMU! <3