Celebs we need on Architectural Digest's YouTube

When people ask me what my favorite TV show is currently, I tell them Abbott Elementary. That is a bold-faced, big, little lie. My favorite show on television is the Architectural Digest YouTube channel. The other girls aren’t doing it like that. No where else can I watch Lenny Kravitz roam around gorgeous décor (and wish he was roaming around me) and then so easily slip over to Shonda Rhimes sharing her tiny NY Apartment that cost more than the Love is Blind production budget. I was raised on E! True Hollywood Stories and Cribs, so that is to say, I was raised nosy. Actually, I was born nosy. Seeing inside people's houses just does something for me.

So what celebrities need to reject what Panic! At The Disco said and open up the gd door to AD? Personally, I am shocked we haven’t seen Nancy Meyers’ house yet. She has built so many sets we all covet, I can only imagine the home she cultivated for herself. I believe it’s a cream white dream. Ms. Meyers is always in her Judith Lieber bag.

I’d also love to see like janky celebrity home tours, right before they enough money to pay someone to have taste for them. Like you just know Joseline Hernandez’ house is a mess.

Who do you wall want to see on future Emmy Award-winning program AD? Also, Paltrow’s kitchen alone is a dream!