What is a show everyone loves but you just can't get through?

Listen, I love my shows. I cycle through quite a variety of drama, reality, really anything you can think of. However, when I need a new show to binge, I always go to my friends for suggestions. In turn, the answers are almost always the same few that for some reason I just cannot bring myself to watch.


I know it sounds crazy, especially for a girl that spends a lot of her year in Wyoming and loves all things Western. But it is SO slow for me. I couldn't even make it through season one! Every time I tell people I haven't watched they look any me like I'm crazy. I just can't.

One Tree Hill.

I know its a classic, but this is another that has never, ever, interested me enough. I'm not sure if it's the filming style or the fact that it was made when I was a toddler, but I couldn't even get though season one. Which is surprising considering I binge-watch Vampire Diaries or 90210 whenever I remember those shows exist.

Friday Night Lights

I haven't even tried with this one even though almost every single person in my life suggests I watch it.

What shows are impossible for you to watch?