What's your worst roommate ever story?

So there's a new true crime docu-series that dropped on Netflix today called Worst Roommate Ever about people who wound up sharing a space with con artists, serial killers and the like. (Obviously, I'm devoting my day to watching this.)

Having lived in NYC for years I had mooooooore than my fair share of terrible roommates. My worst experience was living with a bunch of out of work actors (need I say more) who would loudly have sex, steal my sodas, and were just generally inconsiderate weirdos.

The ultimate moment, however, came when we finally had to move out of the apartment (an even longer story) and I asked one of the roommates (who talked in the third person occasionally), who left a huge reddish/orange stain/spill in our fridge for months, to clean it so it wouldn't be taken out of our deposit. Instead of actually cleaning it, he instead PAINTED OVER THE STAIN. To this day I still can't believe it and I am so grateful I am no longer in my 20s and live alone.