Do you know of / approve of your SO's celebrity crushes?

Most of the time, my SO doesn't subject me to rants about the hotness of celebrities. But once in a while, she can't control herself.

It happened after we saw "Jackass: Forever" this weekend. There was just no stopping her — she HAD to gush about how "ridiculously attractive" Johnny Knoxville is.

As celebrity crushes go, I think I approve of this one? Sure he taser-izes his friends all the time, but you can't deny he's a looker.

I will say, though, that it made me wonder about celebrity crushes in other relationships. Could my SO have a crush on someone that disgusted me? The best examples i can think of are, like, some douchey MMA fighter, or Garret from FBoy island.

How about you? Do you like your SO's celebrity crushes? Do YOUR SOs like celebrities that you cannot stand?