What was the craziest coincidence you personally experienced?

For me it happened when I was like 10 or 11 and my family went from new york to north carolina for my second cousin's wedding. So my parents decided while we were down there we'd go to a museum to see some Norman Rockwell paintings and while I'm admiring some dumb sanitized americana like a border collie eating a cherubs icecream. I hear a familiar voice call out my name. I turn around, and at that moment I froze with the fear of of bright shining headlights barreling down on my dumb deer head as knees locked and my jaw dropped. It's my elementary music teacher, the person who's ever single private lesson I was mandated to do I instead skipped to have recess instead...

I have no regrets about skipping mind you, since I was forced to play the french horn in my school's band. By no means of my own would I choose to play the lamest instrument a child could desire. It was foisted upon me and only me, the most inept person at keeping rhythm was the years solo french horn player

Now I'm coming face to face with the only thing that could keep 10 year old from constantly looking over his shoulder. The heads lights brighten as he approaches me and my parents, and he explains some quick pleasantries and moves on. The car swerved out of the way and like the idiot deer I galloped back into the woods. That guy was a real one and I'm proud to say I played as softly as I could at our big recital pretending I knew how to read sheet music and whatever the fuck those levers did