Does the hanger reflex work on you?

There's this new internet trend (thanks a lot TikTok) that seems very easy to fake... it's called the "hanger reflex." Apparently, when you put a hanger on your head, your head naturally turns to the side.

I've seen the videos, and I initially thought "this is happening because they're rotating their head," but no, apparently it's very real. And according to Input, there's been scientific research behind it...

"Turns out the so-called hanger reflex was first reported in 1991 and in a 2015 study, researchers studied 120 people between the ages of 19 and 65 and observed head rotation in 95.8 percent of subjects. The effect is consistent in males and females and it’s directional: You turn your head away from the hanger’s hook. Researchers created a specialized machine (not a hanger!) that presses on the fronto-temporal region and recreates the hanger effect’s involuntary motion."

So I ask you... Does it work for you and does your head turn the way of the hanger hook? I'm going to try now and will report back in comments.

C/o: Input: