AirSculpt anyone???

Hi-eeeeee. So I had a baby 8 months ago by c section. But let me back up and say that 20+ years prior to this (aka my whole adult life), I’ve absolutely disliked my lower stomach. Totally genetic… my mom has it and so did her mom. Even before pregnancy. I always said that when I was done having kids I’d get a lil tummy work done. Well fast forward to now and the c section definitely didn’t help the situation. My ob/gyn even told me that my “c section shelf” is pretty common and that even though I’m back to my healthy pre-pregnancy weight it likely won’t go away through diet and exercise alone.

I’m researching different things and have checked out AirSculpt. It’s basically lipo but you’re awake and it’s supposed to be a little less invasive than traditional lipo but obviously still hard on your body and will require recovery etc. I had a consult and the doctor doesn’t think I need a tummy tuck, just AirSculpt.

My question — has anyone done it or do you know of anyone who has and what were their results?

Also, I didn’t put this in the “Advice Needed” category as I do not wish for your well-intentioned advice on IF I should have a procedure done at all.