Would you dig your phone out of a toilet?

If my phone fell in the toilet in my house, I'd 100% get it out.

If my phone fell in the toilet in a bar, I'd 95% get it out, depending on whether or not I was so drunk and just decided "f*ck it, I'm not reaching in there."

If my phone fell into a porta-potty toilet, there is a 0% chance I'm getting it out. I'd spend the time figuring out how to disable it from the Cloud rather than finding anything with which to retrieve it.

If my phone fell in a porta-potty on a hiking trail, and fell in so deep that I had to tether myself with rope so that when I went digging in, I wouldn't fall too far, I would never EVER even consider it.

A woman felt differently, though, and basically spelunked into an outhouse's toilet, GOT STUCK INSIDE OF IT, and had to call 911 once she found her phone in the literal sh*t and the paramedics came to bail her out.


How far are y'all going to retrieve a phone?