What are your ridiculous justifications for procrastinating

I was an AP kid in high school. In reality that stands for Advanced Placement, but the joke was that we were Advanced Procrastinators. We weren't necessarily "smarter" we were just better at faking it until we absolutely NEEDED to.

That little personality trait has carried on into my 20s and 30s. I'm so good at procrastinating it should be first thing listed on my resume. What always makes me laugh — to myself lol — is the justifications I give myself for procrastinating. For example...

I work out every day. I do this because it makes me feel good! I don't have to, but I want to. And even though I want to, I still push it off until the very last minute. If I tell myself I'm going to work out at 5pm, but it's 4:57 and I haven't put on my workout clothes, I'll say, well, you missed the 5pm window, gotta wait until 5:30. But 5:30 rolls around, then 5:31 hits and I'm like, UGH well, can't start a workout at 5:31 silly, wait until 6pm! This continues until about 8pm when I'm like, OK YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO MOVE OFF THE COUCH OTHERWISE YOU'LL BE WORKING OUT AT MIDNIGHT.

Keep in mind, too, my workout is on the Peloton, 10 feet away from my couch. I'm not TRAVELING for this at all.

So I ask you... what justifications do you come up with when procrastinating doing something? Am I the only one who thinks this way?